About us

Tucker & Howell

Bringing together a new level of experience and qualification to the Commercial Real Estate industry in Tasmania, we are proud to introduce Tucker & Howell real estate. We are a small team who are focused on providing our clients a premium qualified service in Sales and Leasing, Business Broking and Property Management. Our keystone to the business is to provide a top level of service to our clients.

Director Andy Howell has worked in the Commercial Real Estate industry since 2014 after a successful career in business banking. Andy has won numerous awards in the real estate industry and is valued by his clients for his ethics and ability to work in a creative yet conscientious manner. As a small business owner himself, Andy understands the value of providing well qualified service to clients by creating strong relationships.

Director Sam Tucker has worked in the Construction industry for over 20 years. Sam has been involved over these 20 years with many high level construction and development projects, and has worked on these projects from concept through to delivery. Having a degree in Project Management in Construction, whilst holding an open building licence, Sam provides our clients with assurance that the advice they are given is qualified.

Property Accountant Kate Tucker has worked in the Finance and Construction industry for over 20 years. Kate is a Chartered Accountant and has worked on many property development projects from feasibility through to delivery. Assisting Andy in the Property Management side of the business Kate will bring a new level of assurance to our clients that their property is being overseen by a Chartered Accountant with experience in Tax, Financial Reporting and more specifically Property Reporting.

Tucker & Howell - Experienced and Qualified service.